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Meaghan & Yonas

January 23, 2021

The story of how Meaghan and Yonas met has quite the nerdy undertone, which they love. Yonas and his roommates were hosting a Game Of Thrones watch party for the season 8 premiere. Meaghan attended the party as the guest of a mutual friend. They like to joke that our love was the best thing to come out of the final season (fans of the show will understand what they mean)! We came into each other's lives at the perfect time, as they've each had each other as a rock through the last two years, which have been a roller coaster for everyone. They are their happiest playing a game of Rummy, with a big bowl of pho and watching 90 Day Fiance in the background.

"We have never worked with a photographer before, so we were nervous. But the best thing about working with Madison Leigh Creative is that she does not take herself too seriously, which makes you as the model very comfortable. She is so great at capturing the little moments that reveal authentic emotion. We will forever cherish these timeless images showcasing our love."

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